What does Plantae mean?

‘Plantæ’ is latin for ‘plant kingdom’.

What is BioGro?

BioGro is New Zealand’s leading organic certifier.

What does certified organic mean?

BioGro certification means that each Plantæ skincare product contains pure, authentic, certified ingredients and that the highest organic standard in New Zealand for health and beauty products has been met throughout the entire production process.
Each Plantæ product has a minimum of 95% organically sourced ingredients.

What is the difference between ‘natural’, ‘organic’, ‘certified natural’ and ‘certified-organic’ skincare?

Like the word ‘natural’ there is also no specific regulation in New Zealand protecting the word ‘organic’?! Skincare can be labeled as ‘organic’ without any requirement to validate this through certification. ‘Certified organic’ confirms that the ingredient claims on the packaging and marketing are genuine and authentic and have been validated by an organic certifying authority. A more achievable standard for cosmetic manufacturers called ‘Natrue’ has been created as a new standard for ‘certified natural’ cosmetics!

Are Plantæ products safe to use for all skin types?

The Plantæ range includes products that are formulated for different skin types. We recommend patch testing any new skin care product on a small area of your skin before general application.

How is Plantæ connected to Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics?

Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics was founded by Carol Priest in 1988. Carol now devotes her time and expertise to her second-generation organic skincare business Plantæ.

Where can I buy Plantæ products?

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